Let’s Go Author House Hunting!

Yes, houses are easy to “shoot”. They don’t run too fast(!), but here I’m referring to shooting the homes of famous authors with cameras, not with firearms. Many of these homes may be closer to you than you think. You just have to be curious, do a little research and sometimes just talk to people at the local coffee shop.

For example, Stephen Crane resided with his brother, Judge William Crane, in the latter’s house – “The Crane House” – in Port Jervis, NY during the time he wroteThe Red Badge of Courage.

My wife mentioned to me that the castle for The Wizard of Oz was inspired by a castle that sits along the Hudson River in New York.

Oh, and I just remembered that a wild west writer’s house is located up the Delaware River from where we live in Port Jervis, NY, although I can’t remember the name of the writer right now.

Do you live near a famous author’s house?  Take a picture and share it with the DYSTENIUM Online Community or elsewhere on the Internet with your writer and author friends. Local history can be inspiring and might even get your creative juices flowing.

Matt Schott
Port Jervis, NY, USA

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